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Business Plans for Dummies or How to Rock as a Business Student at College

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Any entrepreneur or student who is preparing for the business world must be able to write a coherent business plan; because this is the presentation, you will show to investors or to potential business partners to convince them that they can rely on you. It must give a clear idea of where you are heading, what your strategy is and what your goals are. Coming up with the business plan will help you, because it will force you to rationalize your dream, break it into several steps and ultimately will keep you focused and motivated.

Let’s go through some “business plans for dummies” guides and see what the basic things, you need to cover, are.


Before working on your business plan, it is important to have a clear idea of what your company will stand for, what its core values are, as well as it is important to find a unifying direction for your approach.

Getting Started

Create an outline for your plan and start building up the main chapters and subjects you want to cover in your business plan. Some of the must-have basic headlines are: Business Description and Vision; Market Definition; Products and Services; Management; Marketing Strategy. End your business plan with a conclusion.

Market Consideration

One of the most important things is to properly identify your target market, in order to tailor your strategy and efficiently and to reach your customers. Think of your target customer, then mull over how your product or service will be comprehended by him/her: will you provide a unique solution to his/her needs? If not, you might want to redefine your target market or adjust your product/service accordingly.

Finding Numbers

After defining your values, your goals and your target market, do a research to know exactly where your company is situated. Talk to other entrepreneurs, who have chosen the same market, get some advice from the financial consultants and check what the most prominent businesses on the market are. At this point, after getting information about the market, it is advisable to apply the old, reliable swot analysis of your business.


After finishing your plan, you must review it and get feedback from the relevant figures in your business: your colleagues, potential customers, financial advisers, etc. Make sure that your content is correct, concise, easy to understand and attractive to the audience. Your audience will set the tone for how the plan should be written. Think of who will read your plan – investors, business partners – and address this audience specifically, having in mind their own needs and interests.

Remember that your plan is destined for a specific audience. The way you write it will help the audience decide to go along with your plan and get involved, or not. To get the chance of presenting your plan, write a cover letter in which you introduce yourself and give a short presentation of your plan and its purpose.

5 Trustworthy Business Online Courses for Students to Reach Prosperity

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Getting a business education should not always be expensive. To meet this increasing need of accessible education, academic institutions as well as other organizations offer affordable and even free online courses for the students interested in business. As a student, you have plenty of options to choose from and we want to help you with it. We have selected a list of business online courses for you, so feel free to sign up for the one you think fits you most.

1.   The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction to Marketing

This 5-week course is the first one in the Business Foundations Specialization, held by three Wharton professors in one of the best marketing departments in the world. The course will teach you about three essential topics in marketing studies: branding, customer centricity and go-to-market strategies.

This course might also provide you with a good career start, as you have the opportunity to submit your own analysis to a real business challenge and be reviewed by Wharton-trained staff. You can get an internship or get remarked by companies.

2. The University of Pennsylvania/Wharton: An Introduction to Financial Accounting

You have to dedicate 5-6 hours weekly for 4 weeks during this course, held by Wharton specialists. This is the second one of the five Building Foundations Specialization courses, and it focuses on the basics of accounting, from the accounting language to a more in-depth view of how to read the balance sheet or the statements of cash flow.

3. Udacity: How to Build a Startup

This is a creative and unusual business course that might appeal to the students looking for alternative ways of learning or different topics to be discussed, during their business education. It is also a good choice for individuals, who want to learn how to rationalize and build up their dream of owning their personal businesses. The course is held by Steve Blank, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and consulting associate professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford University.

This course is fit for students that want to make their own schedule and decide on the pace of the lectures and are interested in the steps to build their own startup company.

4. MIT/UC Berkeley: Introductory Macro and Microeconomics

One of the most popular courses on the MIT OpenCourseWare platform. This introductory microeconomics class will teach you how to make the best decisions when it comes to limited time and money resources as well as will introduce you to the basics of macroeconomics, linking the two fields in a relevant way.

This course is also self-paced and does not require other knowledge than single variable calculus, which you probably learned in the high school.

5. Duke University: How to Reason and Argue

We saved the best for last. As online courses are all about self-improvement, taking matters into your own hands and having initiative. The Duke’s course on Reasoning is illustrating all of that. You don’t have to know anything else, except English, when enrolling.

These are some of the courses to help you enlarge your knowledge in business. All it takes is a bit of determination, time-management and a smart use of the available resources.

5 Ways How a Budget Report Example Can Damage Your Own Paper

Many students are against hiring writing agencies to handle their papers. That’s mostly because they wrongfully assume that it’s easier to find cheap websites that offer top-of-the-line papers. They’re wrong! Low cost papers found on bogus websites are pure junk. However, what you can do is check them out anyway and use them as the examples. Bad works found online can teach students how not to write a paper. Rather than take a risk and end up with an essay or thesis that’s of low quality, you should consider the alternatives. Here are 5 ways how a budget report example can ruin your grade.

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1.Wrong Information

Papers bought from the web at a low price may feature lots of wrong data and inappropriate information. Not all resources found online are qualitative, and you should know that. Eventually you will spend a lot of time checking the facts, added to the paper, or worse, you will end up sending it to your teacher without verifying it at all. Can you afford to take such a risk? At the end of the day, you might get what you paid for – low price, low quality.

2.Getting Inspiration from Your Mate’s Paper

Getting some inspiration from your mate’s paper might seem like a great idea. But what if his/her interpretation of the facts is wrong? What if the data is incorrect? You may end up making their mistakes, and when two students have similar errors in their papers, it is crystal-clear to the teacher that one has copied from the other.

3.Unreliable Study Guides

There are lots of study guides and papers written by students who don’t know anything about proper writing. If you choose to use them to get inspired, you risk making the same mistakes as they have done. Do not rely on people, you do not know, as this may eventually get you a low grade.

4.Getting Inspiration from Students from Different Departments

Writing a paper and getting inspired from a colleague from the different department can do more harm than good to your essay. That may happen because you study different subjects, consequently the requirements are different as well.

5.Blogs and Wiki Sites

While dealing with papers for college, whether theses, essays or dissertations, you should not get your information from wiki sites and blogs. These are not quality sources because they’re not always backed by solid citations or quotes. And believe it or not, cheap papers found on the web usually contain lots of useless information and “fluff”. You do not need that. You have to provide quality because you need the reader to get involved to your paper.

Many students believe that already-made papers from the web or the works of their colleagues can save them time from writing a paper on their own. That might be true. But they shouldn’t expect the quality of that paper to be outstanding; because it won’t. Do not make that mistake if you want to score good scores and set yourself apart from your peers.

7 Tips for Coping with BSc Projects Quick and Fulfilling

Writing your final paper at the university is the biggest challenge you face while studying.Getting motivated can be incredibly difficult, as the end is in sight and you just need to make one final push to get there, but it seems impossible. Having been working hard for years, you’re burnt out and find it really hard to concentrate. We have all been in such a situation, so we have put together a list of slightly out-of-the-box ways to help you concentrate and get your BSc projects out of the way.

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1.Watch a Film

Yes, really. In order to study well, your brain needs to be relaxed, and watching films can be a great way of separating your mind from obsessing over your work. You need to switch off for a while, so that you feel rejuvenated and then able to concentrate better when you get back to your desk.


We have spent our entire lives being told off for doodling, but it is actually a great way to let the brain process the information and to develop new ideas. Try having a piece of paper on your desk whilst you work that you can idly draw on, whilst you mull over new ideas.


Take it one step further. Taking a break to paint or drawn helps relax your mind and process ideas. Make sure you have a notepad with you to write down any flashes of inspiration that come to you whilst you are letting your creative juices flow.


You might feel like exercising is just procrastination, as it is just spending more time away from your desk, but getting your blood flowing helps to stimulate your brain. Lots of people think really well while running.

5.Keep Busy

The worst thing you can do is to completely plan your schedule, as if you have endless time to finish your work, with no time constraints, you will never get it done. Give yourself allocated amount of time to finish something and then see friends or exercise for some relief. Ensure that your days have structure.

6.Listen to Music

This might distract some people, but listening to your favorite music can fill you with pleasure, and the right songs can really help you concentrate. Try out different genres of music to see what works for you and ups your productivity.

7.Eat sweets

We know that sugar is not something we would normally recommend, but desperate time calls for desperate measures. Sugar can keep you sharp, and having something sweet to eat can keep your mind focused on the task.
The most important thing to remember when you’ve got a big mountain to climb is that everyone studies in their own way, and what works for you might not work for someone else, and vice versa. Try and pinpoint the things that help you to concentrate, however strange they might be, and don’t listen to people when they tell you they don’t work!

5 Solid Reasons to Slow Down When Hiring an Unknown Book Writing Service

laptopWriting an academic paper can be demanding. The amount of researches you need to do is outstanding; and yet, you need to gather qualitative information if you want your paper to have any value. The web is a great place to search for already written papers. But are these paper well-researched? Do they live up to your expectations? Will they impress your teachers? The answer to these question is simple – maybe yes, or maybe not. Hiring an unknown book writing service is risky as you don’t always get what you ask for. Here are 5 good reasons to convince you that unknown book writing services are questionable.

1.   Fast but Random

An academic paper ordered from a writing service can arrive in your inbox in a matter of days. That’s good if you’re on a deadline. But will you like the result? What if you don’t? Online papers are done at random. The authors don’t usually focus on what you need to be done. Even if you provide instructions, you can’t be sure that what you pay for is actually what you need for your college paper.

2.   Effortless but Impersonal

Academic papers are complex, to say the least. When you order yours online, you don’t interact with the writer. You can’t ask questions, get some information on the claims made, brainstorm some new ideas, or ask for modifications. It’s a done deal! It’s perfectly true that the paper’s complete; and that you don’t have to worry about adhering to a specified deadline. However, is it worth the compromise?

3.   Cheap and Questionable

Hiring someone to complete your academic paper can be incredibly cheap. The web is packed with services claiming to write excellent theses and dissertations at a low price. However, a small price should bring you some qualms about the paper. Is it worth spending a certain amount buying a paper and not knowing whether it will live up to your expectations or not?

4.   Uncertain Research

Since all college papers – essays, academic papers, theses and dissertations – must be well-documented, you can’t afford to mess up. You might end up getting a low grade if the claims in the paper are not backed up by solid proofs. And since you’ve decided to purchase your own piece, you can’t be sure that the information is qualitative. It’s up to you to decide if it’s actually worth gambling with your academic success.

5.   Risky Delivery

What happens if you hire a book service, they confirm that they’ll have your paper on time, and they miss the deadline? You can’t afford to be late as that will affect your credit score. Are all writing services trustworthy? Not quite, and the best thing that you can do is research properly and assess review before hiring.

Some services provided by a writing company are doubtful, especially the cheapest ones. You might have better luck with more reliable, high-value companies, but the costs are not exactly low so it’s up to you to decide what you want – cheap & sketchy or more pricey but qualitative.

How to Use All the Benefits of Book Review Websites to Write Your Own Piece

bookDuring your student life, you will have a lot of reading to do. Your professors will often ask to write book reviews to assure that you are done with the assignment as well as will ask you to discuss your personal view on the lecture. If you have never written a book review, the first attempts might seem tricky and you will need some help and inspiration.

Luckily, there are many book review websites that will not only be helpful to choose something to read, but can also provide you with some tips for your own book review. We encourage you to go over a few reviews and see what points are on discussion. You might be inspired to break your book review into a few essential points to cover and your review will be more structured.


Pay attention to what parts of the book are mostly discussed. Being exposed to different perspectives of the same idea can help you make your own critical evaluation and build your review on that. Let’s see how book reviews can help you with your own assignment, check out the few tips presented below.

Catchy Style

You can find different parallels to other similar works and add them to your reading list. Use these reviews to help you. Others will make recommendations on how to express your points, and put the book that you are reviewing into a larger picture.

Different Perspectives

You can identify the crucial points that you would want to cover in your own review. You may find the explanation to some references in the book that you did not catch. The way other people see a certain point of the book can help your own train of thoughts and contour your perspective.

Book Reviews

Especially at the beginning, you will want to read as many book reviews as you can, just to get an idea about the style of writing the reviewers use. You can borrow some introduction expressions or useful linking words or phrases. This will help you a lot to put your ideas on the paper and provide a base on which you can build up your own style.

Observe how the experienced reviewers write about the author’s writing style. See how you can create feedback on the arguments. Learn how to construct your own arguments and opinion on a subject.

Of course, review websites are not the only tools you can use. Discussing the assignment with your colleagues or talking about the book with someone, who hasn’t read it yet, can also help, as it forces you to structure your feedback and argument your opinion.

7 Relevant Reasons to Make Your Own Hand Book for Writing Ideas

bookWhilst you are studying, carrying a small notebook around with you might be more useful than you would think. From prompting your memory to helping your creative juices flow, making your own small notebook that is dedicated to your studies can be incredibly beneficial.

Here are a few reasons why you should make your own notebook to keep with you:

1.   To Prompt  Your Memory

It happens to all of us. There is no need to agonize over ideas for a paper or an assignment that we have to write for university. As inspiration can strike in a flash, whether we are on the bus or having lunch, it is better to have such a book with you to note down the ideas. If you prefer to recognize it, the idea can slip through your fingers as quickly as it came to you. Ideas can occur to us wherever we are, so having something special and safe to write them down, so that you can refer to them later, is essential to succeed.

2.   To Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Why not just write your ideas in the notes section on your phone? Well, physically writing an idea down with a pen and paper can help your brain to process the idea, and a book for writing gives you the space to pursue the idea further whilst you’re inspired. Rather than just a one line note, try making multiple bullet points and develop the idea as fully as possible to make things easier when you come to writing your paper.

3.   To Value Your Ideas

Putting the time and energy into creating your own notebook shows that you value your education and take your ideas seriously, which will then help you to focus and commit to your studies.

4.   To Question Time

Once you start considering an essay topic, you will have hundreds of questions to ask your tutor. Noting these questions down and keeping your notebook with you will both help you remember questions and jot down the answers.

5.   To Note Top Tips

When a tutor is dwelling upon an assignment, noting the tips down alongside your ideas will keep you on the right track.

6.   To Keep Everything in One Place

It burns you up, when you know that you have written some ideas down, but you can’t find the particular note. Keeping your notes, ideas and your teacher’s top tips all in one place will save you. It means that you will not have to look back over endless scraps of paper to jog your memory, it  make your writing quicker and more efficient.

7.   To Get Creative

Are you a visual learner? Try mixing things up and using drawings or mind maps to represent your ideas rather than just writing them down. You might be surprised at the results that using different colors or visuals can help you memorize and develop your ideas.

Overall, it is clear that having a handmade notepad can be beneficial for anyone, who is currently studying. Still, in the age of technology, the traditional pen and paper are incredibly useful tools.

Craft Your Student Accessories with These Ideas for Book Binding: Online Workshops

close upMaking your own notebooks can help you stand out in the classroom as well as focus better on your studies. If you take some time to make your own notebook and personalize it, then you are mentally preparing yourself to take your studies seriously, dedicating time and caring about them. Many people think that the traditional pen and paper are not relevant these days, but in fact, having something special to note things down can be incredibly beneficial.

We have found a few videos available on YouTube that will show you how to improve your creativeness, when it comes to binding books, to help you create beautiful notebooks where your ideas will be safe.

1.   Coptic Stitch Binding

Video 1

Video source:

This video shows you how to turn a drawing pad into a sketchbook that opens and lies flat, making it easy to work with. Stitching your book together is the most time-consuming way of binding a book, but the completed variant of such a book will be more hardwearing, than if you use other techniques in this article. You can also use a lined pad rather than a drawing pad if you prefer.

2.   Buttonhole Book Binding

Video 2

Video source:

If you have some time and energy and want to create something a bit different, try this tutorial. Sea Lemon has several different bookbinding tutorials but this one is great for having fun with your bookbinding and creating something that you will really like. It will be perfect for helping you out with your studies.

3.   Hot Glue Book Binding

Video 3

Video source:

This video isn’t of the highest quality but it clearly shows how to create a book using a hot glue gun technique. This is a relatively quick way of binding a book and, if done properly, your book will hold together well.

4.   Tape Book Binding

Video 4

Video source:

When you search book binding online, tape is an option that pops up a lot. This video shows how to bind together mixed media pieces into a book, but the same principle can easily be applied to binding together regular sheets of paper. This is a quick and easy technique, but probably such a book will not last as long as, for example, a book bound with the Coptic stitch method.

5.   Paper Clips and Rubber Band Book Binding

Video 5

Video source:

Pressed for time? This is the quickest possible method for binding sheets of paper together, great if you just need a way to keep sheets of paper in one place. It obviously isn’t as durable as the other methods, but the video is clear and quick, and in this way you could have your very own book ready bound in less than a minute.

As you can see, there are various different ways of bookbinding and it is up to you, which one to choose. The suitable one for you will depend on the time you have available and how long you want the bookbinding last. Lots of people start off with simpler methods, like the ultra-easy paper clips and rubber band, but end up getting more creative and starting to stitch their books to bind them. Have fun experimenting!

Is it Easy to Make Money Writing College Essays: The Writer’s Perspective

writing college essaysAre you about to have a surgery? Your doctor may not have written his/her research papers and college essays. Ditto for your nurse, your pharmacist and your dentist. Cheating has successfully got up to the next level since the days when college students wrote the correct answers on the palms. Dozens of professional custom writing experts are now standing behind the success of graduates. They write high school essays for money, as well as term papers, final exams, book reports and even dissertations. A lot of writers deal with highly specialized topics, such as national security and maritime defense. And as a rule, the customers of the companies specialized in custom assignment writing never get caught. Continue reading

Write Academic Essays for Money: The Moral Perspective

academic essays for moneyWriters from online custom writing companies have been going through this for too long already. They’ve been called swindlers eating humble pie till the moment they found out things weren’t that bad. So, what’s the point of the issue? Is it still morally wrong to buy college papers from online academic writing services? Continue reading

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