23 Nov 2016

What Is a Family Law Assistance Project and Why Do You Need to Know about It?

family law assistance projectA Family Law Assistance Project, also known as FLAP, is collaboration between the Lakeshore and Cooley Legal Aid. Students eager to work in this legal field will become FLAP staff attorneys and they’ll be representing people with low incomes in domestic violence and family law matters. One of the program’s main advantage is that they’ll have a unique opportunity to practice and litigate family law as well as represent low income citizens in real life. Continue reading

23 Nov 2016

Sample Essay “Family Health Insurance Plans: Are They Worth It?”

family health insurance plans
Why are family health insurance plans important? To begin with, a detailed health plan makes sure that in case of a medical emergency, health care benefits become readily available to sufferers without any additional costs. An essay on the topic can help a student know more about the best plans available, what plans to steer clear of, as well as what to do in case of a medical emergency. Continue reading

30 Apr 2014

War on Poverty Research Paper

War on poverty officially began in 1964. It was an ambitious governmental determination to address the predicament of relentless poverty in the US. The central government in combination with state and confined governments, grassroots groups, and non-profit organizations developed a fresh institutional base for civil rights action and antipoverty, and, in the process, emphasized growing ideological and racial tensions in the American politics and society (Orleck & Hazirjian, 2011). Though marked by moments of consensus and controversy, the war on poverty brought a new epoch for American moderation and developed fresh layers to the US Welfare state. During the 1960s, there were significant social developments in war on poverty. Also, there were various programs instituted during the period to aid in war on poverty. In this assignment, I will discuss significant social developments in the 60s, which focused on war on poverty. I will also discuss conditions that shaped the developments and programs, which became instituted in the 60s. Continue reading

28 Apr 2014

Using Animals for Research Essay

There has been a wide use of animals in different types of research. The medical field has achieved numerous benchmark achievements through the use of animals in medical research. Despite the numerous benefits of using animals in research, there is the surging ethical concern for the welfare of animals. In order to establish a rational balance between the need and urgency for medical research and the protection of animal welfare, there is a need for effective regulation. With stringent regulation, scientists can still use animals for research as this paper will illustrate. Continue reading

27 Apr 2014

Transference and Countertransference Essay Sample

Client-counselor relationship is an extremely significant constituent of all kind of therapy. It’s major importance is emphasized in exertion with abuse survivors due to the nature of the caused injury by the abuse. Essentially, the traumatizing harm was caused by a person in close relationship to the client, whom she depended on, and had received protection and care. Therefore, counseling relationship is instrumental in the provision of necessary support to the client in order to work through and address issues related to mistreatment while modeling a non-exploitive healthy relationship (Walsh, 2010) Continue reading

27 Apr 2014

The Untold Story of George W. Bush Essay Sample

This study focuses on presenting an analysis of George W. Bush, the ex-President of the United States who was succeeded by Barack Obama. This analysis is important and topical, given that Bush’s actions were relatively recent and his impact on the United States still looms large, with him only passing power over four years ago. The work presents a discussion of Bush’s contributions to the American government. Within this analysis, the work provides an assessment of how Bush made a significant contribution to the betterment of the American government and how he managed to improve the political system overall. The work focuses on the nature of his leadership and describes how he has shaped the way in which the US population now wishes to see a leader in this modern age of globalization. Continue reading

26 Apr 2014

Taiwanese Cinema Review Sample

Works of art are normally influenced by what its creator sees, hears and even feels. When creators of art see and hear about certain happenings and also other arts, they could be influenced by it while coming up with their own brand of works. When they are particularly influenced by other art works, they would tend to strongly cross reference those arts in their works. In that direction, if filmmakers are influenced by other art forms like literature, music, dance, television, photography, puppetry, etc., they could use it or cross reference it in some way in their films, as films provide a wide canvas to incorporate various influences. Continue reading

25 Apr 2014

Super Duplex Stainless Steel Corrosion

Super duplex stainless steels are metals with an attractive combination of high strength and great resistance to stress corrosion as well as great ease of welding (Giel, 2007). As a result of these properties they have widespread application in a number of industries including oil and gas, power, pulp and paper, and petrochemical industries (Sagasegawa et al. 2008). It is currently estimated that SDSS makes up to 10% of the total applications of stainless steel in the world and that proportion is projected to rise in the future (Nilsson, 2008). However, it is now evident that SDSS is vulnerable to corrosion in certain conditions; Newton and Hausler (2005) indicate that when SDSS is exposed to environments rich in hydrogen, they face a great chance of being made brittle and susceptible to corrosion by the hydrogen. This is exemplified by recent reports of failures of parts of equipment made of SDSS on one of the North Sea oil platforms owned by BP and a sub-sea structure belonging to Shell (Newton & Hausler, 2005; Pohl & Ibach, 2007). Continue reading

24 Apr 2014

Stephen King Speech Sample

It is an immense challenge for me to talk about such an inspiring figure because, so as to be capable of saying something about author Stephen King was a vital event. Stephen King is a remarkable character in man’s literary background. King is responsible for all the creative work, and the literary world is currently getting the most out of his prose. Even though it is a flat behavior, it is tolerable because that human nature. However, it is not a question of acknowledging King, but retaining a lot more ideas and memories from it in a lot of ways. Some of the ideas might be fiscal others might be spiritual. There is no other American author more earnest of acknowledgment for his influences to literature and his kindness to other authors (Stefoff, 2010, p. 121). Continue reading

23 Apr 2014

Solid Waste Management Challenges Proposal

Solid waste accumulation has become a challenging aspect in the world today. The management of waste has also become a challenging task and waste management solutions to these problems seem incapable of handling solid waste. In the past, solid waste was manageable because it consisted of biodegradable materials. However, the nature of solid waste changed with industrial revolution and handling it became extremely difficult. The potential risks associated with waste and challenges of handling it is of significance importance to economists, psychologists, doctors, engenderers, climate scientists, and environmental scientists. Waste management methods such as landfills, recycling, incineration and biological process have been used for long but they seem to be ineffective. New methods of waste management such as thermal blankets, electronic oxidation, and plasma processing alongside integrate waste management approach seem to be the most viable solutions to the problem. In addition, creating a disposal culture and change people’s attitude on waste disposal will help in enhancing the process of waste management in future. Continue reading