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10 Surefire Ways to Spoil Your Business Letter Writing Assignment

Writing a business letter can be a real piece of work, especially when your goal is to craft a “masterpiece”. You want to do things right, don’t you? The best thing that you can do is to sprinkle your business letter writing assignment with the worst guidelines. Let’s check them out.

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1.Don’t Mind about Misspelled Words

Writing a business letter is stressful enough, so why should you worry about the misspelled words? Nobody will criticize you for making some spelling mistakes.

2.Don’t Bother Explaining Words When Writing

There’s really no need to explain what every word means in your business letter, as most people prefer skim reading. As for the most complicated words, or the specific words, do not waste your time dwelling upon their meanings. It will show that you are well informed, even if the reader does not understand what you are talking about.

3.Slang & Jargon Is Recommended

Don’t you want your readers to “get your dirt”? Sure you do. You want them to perceive you as a cool, laid-back individual, so using slang and jargon words are more than recommended while writing a business letter.

4.Active Voice or Passive Voice – Whatever Works Is Fine

Do you feel the need to use passive voice when writing a business letter? Then do it. Don’t complicate yourself with active voice as you’ll lose time. And time is valuable, especially for college students, too busy doing something else, not studying.

5.Don’t Get into Details

Why should you give the audience too many details on a subject? They don’t need to know everything. Keep things short. If someone is interested in details, he/she will ask you about them in a while. Why should you overload the uninvolved people with such information?

6.Subjective Tone, Yes Please

Don’t bother staying objective. It is nice to be subjective and convey your own opinion. Do it as often as you can to get the reader on your side.

7.Let Run-on Sentences Roll in

Cramming some sentences into the one saves your time. Your letter will be longer, which is good because readers can stay busy. Just write the way you usually talk, and everything will be ok.

8.Focus on Long Phrases

Long phrases keep the readers hooked to whatever you are writing, especially, when you are crafting a business letter. The longer the sentences, the better chances to keep the audience interested. Wouldn’t you agree?

9.Abbreviations Are a Must

Abbreviations are cool! They help a reader skim through your letter a lot faster. Don’t bother being too obvious; some people like puzzle words, so let them make assumptions. It keeps the readers interested and involved.

10.Paragraphs Are Useless

Avoid dividing your business letter into paragraphs. They’re not that important. Make your work sound like a novel from a book.
Do you want to write a killer business letter assignment? Well then, do not take into consideration any of the guidelines mentioned above, as they are rubbish. They will totally spoil your paper, and you surely do not want that to happen. Avoid them at all if you want your paper to have any value.

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