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10 Surefire Ways to Spoil Your Business Letter Writing Assignment

Writing a business letter can be a real piece of work, especially when your goal is to craft a “masterpiece”. You want to do things right, don’t you? The best thing that you can do is to sprinkle your business letter writing assignment with the worst guidelines. Let’s check them out.

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1.Don’t Mind about Misspelled Words

Writing a business letter is stressful enough, so why should you worry about the misspelled words? Nobody will criticize you for making some spelling mistakes.

2.Don’t Bother Explaining Words When Writing

There’s really no need to explain what every word means in your business letter, as most people prefer skim reading. As for the most complicated words, or the specific words, do not waste your time dwelling upon their meanings. It will show that you are well informed, even if the reader does not understand what you are talking about.

3.Slang & Jargon Is Recommended

Don’t you want your readers to “get your dirt”? Sure you do. You want them to perceive you as a cool, laid-back individual, so using slang and jargon words are more than recommended while writing a business letter.

4.Active Voice or Passive Voice – Whatever Works Is Fine

Do you feel the need to use passive voice when writing a business letter? Then do it. Don’t complicate yourself with active voice as you’ll lose time. And time is valuable, especially for college students, too busy doing something else, not studying.

5.Don’t Get into Details

Why should you give the audience too many details on a subject? They don’t need to know everything. Keep things short. If someone is interested in details, he/she will ask you about them in a while. Why should you overload the uninvolved people with such information?

6.Subjective Tone, Yes Please

Don’t bother staying objective. It is nice to be subjective and convey your own opinion. Do it as often as you can to get the reader on your side.

7.Let Run-on Sentences Roll in

Cramming some sentences into the one saves your time. Your letter will be longer, which is good because readers can stay busy. Just write the way you usually talk, and everything will be ok.

8.Focus on Long Phrases

Long phrases keep the readers hooked to whatever you are writing, especially, when you are crafting a business letter. The longer the sentences, the better chances to keep the audience interested. Wouldn’t you agree?

9.Abbreviations Are a Must

Abbreviations are cool! They help a reader skim through your letter a lot faster. Don’t bother being too obvious; some people like puzzle words, so let them make assumptions. It keeps the readers interested and involved.

10.Paragraphs Are Useless

Avoid dividing your business letter into paragraphs. They’re not that important. Make your work sound like a novel from a book.
Do you want to write a killer business letter assignment? Well then, do not take into consideration any of the guidelines mentioned above, as they are rubbish. They will totally spoil your paper, and you surely do not want that to happen. Avoid them at all if you want your paper to have any value.

Ways to Make Your Business Law Case Studies both Captivating and Informative

Generally speaking, case studies have a bad reputation for being boring, too long and filled with too much information. Indeed, most of them are impossible to follow. However, if you adhere to the rules and focus all your attention on quality content, you will stand out from the crowd. Convey a powerful story and talk about the ways to fix an issue. Provide solutions, support the points with the meaningful facts and you will get a positive response from your audience. Business law case studies are among the most demanding tasks. Here are some guidelines to make your paper both captivating and informative.

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While crafting a case study, you need to focus all your attention on the structure. Make it easy to understand. Make sure the topic is well-chosen. If you have decided to write about criminal law, the structure should be as close to the main subject as possible. Don’t beat around the bush!

Announce the Problem

In a case study, the “problem” is similar to a “plot” in a novel. Let the audience know in advance what the main problem is. Talk about ways to fix it, and give short guidelines, you are planning to use in the study to deal with them. Don’t offer too much details; give just the right amount of information to hook the audience and persuade it to keep reading.

Pick a Hero

Every case study is centered on a dilemma that a writer faces. Make that crystal-clear in your paper. It will help your readers spot the “hero”, and they’ll be compelled to keep reading to know more about the case, and about what needs to be done to solve the problem. Business criminal law, for example, is a domain that deals with ethics and legal behavior in the business environment. Dwell upon the case by mentioning who did what, and why.

Provide Unusual Solutions

Case studies allow the writer to convey a personal opinion. Even though all your claims must be supported by hard proofs. Don’t make foolish affirmations, focus on providing solutions. Sometimes even the most unusual solutions can offer a new perspective to the reader. It’s ok to express what can be done to solve the case, and how it should be done. As long as you don’t convey impossible resolutions you’re safe, and your case study has value.

Provide “Before” and “After” Conclusions

Talk about changes you plan to make in the case study, and present a “before” picture. Then provide “after” conclusions and explain the changes made along the way. Keep your tone neutral and to the point. It is ok to add the personal opinion, as long as it is the objective way of writing.

Call to Action

Case studies – especially those related to business criminal law – demand research. It might be a good idea to bring in the parties involved. Implicate them in the presentation, interact with them, and your case study will increase in value. It will be based on facts that readers actually want to read.

Last but not least, choose the content carefully. Design the presentation that entices the audience and makes your text stand out.

3 Key Factors That Impact Your Argumentative Essay Writing

Understanding how to both structure and write a high quality essay of an argumentative format is one of the useful skills. But before you quickly start searching for online writing and editing guides, it’s good to remember the key factors that impact your argumentative paper writing. These simple factors are the cornerstones for a solid argumentative essay sample that help you to research, structure and present relevant evidence in order to support your argument. Moreover, it will help you to convince your target audience to take a certain stance. Before you rush off to the custom argumentative essay writing service, check the following factors that influence the English argumentative writing in many different ways.

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Graduate Essay Writing Guide: How to Structure Your Paper

In case you can’t recall the last time you were working on an a college essay, research paper or any other type of a school assignment, the prospect of doing research and writing a college composition can be pretty intimidating. If you happen to be a new graduate student, it is important to keep in mind that graduate school admission experts are not looking for every possible gimmick. What they expect you to provide is an essay written by a prepared, passionate and motivated individual, who’s ready to rock. Make sure to read on more information in order to quickly structure the best graduation essays.

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How to Write a University Essay If You Have just Finished High School

Effective essay writing is the key to doing great in both a high school and university class, as well as being successful in the chosen profession later. But the question is – what does an effectively written college or university essay look like? How are you supposed to argue properly in a university project, if you have just finished high school? In order to meet the expectations of your academic mentor, the very first thing to do is to unlearn all the basic rules you’ve learnt as the high school student. Of course, those essays writing guides have already helped you to quickly plan and write the papers through providing you with the ready-to-use structure. However, in case with the university essays, you have to know how to develop more sophisticated arguments in plain English to meet the assignment level requirements.

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How to Write a Nursing Essay in One Go

In a perfect world, you would have all the time in it to complete academic research papers and tons of useful tips and guides, but the reality is different. In college, there will always be situations when you’re assigned with the assignment that should be written dangerously quickly and requires proficient skills, whether because of the tough deadline set by the tutor, or because you have been too busy and the project has ended up being postponed till the day when it’s due. Nonetheless, the good news is that it’s possible to craft the best essays in accordance with the writing rules even when you lack time and there is no competent helper out there.

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Top X Ways to Spot an Excellent Argumentative Essay Writing Service

There are dozens of cheap online custom writing services available on the web. However, not all the cheapest and the most expensive essays, research papers and dissertation writing companies are of the best quality. There are a few unreliable ones that provide poor quality assignments just to make money from needy students. You just have to be careful when choosing an affordable and trustworthy argumentative essay or sociology term paper writers. You need to make sure you’re investing your bucks and time with a good writer experienced in your particular field. There are tons of professional essay writing service resources from where students can find the most suitable ones. But the bad news is that not every custom writing agency is the one you can trust. Continue reading

How to Craft a University Essay: Writing Service Hacks That’ll Save You

If you’re a college student and you care about your academic career, you’re definitely working hard on every other college assignment. But sometimes the deadlines are too tough and you feel like you can’t get it all done by daybreak. It’s impossible to compose a high quality university essay if you have lack of time required to perform a good research, to read relevant materials, to think and generate content appropriately. Never procrastinate or leave the paper until the last minute. Your future grades for the university essays and research papers will depend on how early you start and how much efforts you exert. Come up with the question and start analyzing it. Keep in mind that writing down every single thing on the given topic is a road to nowhere. Instead, ensure to get the idea of what you’re supposed to do according to the question, as well as highlight the terms with the approach that should be taken in the process of writing.

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How a Nursing Essay Writing Service Can Help You Succeed

Writing a nursing essay is a pretty tough and time-consuming task. You need fresh ideas, focus, attention, excellent prose, efficient knowledge, organization and time-management skills. Since the nursing essay is a quite specific assignment, one should be careful when working on it. And in case you don’t have enough time to complete you assignment, all the skills mentioned above are of no use at all. If you’re new to the nursing essay writing and you have to accomplish tons of assignments, then it becomes too difficult to get the nursing paper done within the required deadline. There can be some other reasons for being unable to work on the essay. In case that’s your story, what can help you the most is to approach a professional university essay writing service for help. If you’re on the lookout for the cheap writing options, browse our website for affordable yet superior products!

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Graduate Essay Writing Service Speaks: X Time Management Tips for College Leavers

Both undergraduate and graduate students find it hard to manage their precious time with all the papers they’ve got to deal with. Seems like everything should be done here and now, but the reality is there are only twenty four hours available! Beyond the college wall, graduate students are overwhelmed with how many things appear on the to-do list every single day: meetings with tutors, classes, essays, research, dissertation writing reading, study groups and social life events. They believe studying process plays a crucial part in their lives; however personal life is what matters as well. The majority of students report being busier as professional researchers or professors. With a bunch of tasks and so little time, students realize that tough deadlines and stress slowly overtake their lives, and as the result, you will fail to manage their time. If you’re about to approach argumentative essay writing service for the cheapest help available online, consider the simplest tips offered below to manage your time properly.

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