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How to Write a University Essay If You Have just Finished High School

Effective essay writing is the key to doing great in both a high school and university class, as well as being successful in the chosen profession later. But the question is – what does an effectively written college or university essay look like? How are you supposed to argue properly in a university project, if you have just finished high school? In order to meet the expectations of your academic mentor, the very first thing to do is to unlearn all the basic rules you’ve learnt as the high school student. Of course, those essays writing guides have already helped you to quickly plan and write the papers through providing you with the ready-to-use structure. However, in case with the university essays, you have to know how to develop more sophisticated arguments in plain English to meet the assignment level requirements.

University Essay Writing Guide: Find the Ways to Improve the Assignment Structure

When talking about the high school essay composition guide, the specialists of the university essay writing service insist that the essay is comprised of three key points. Besides, the paper should have a typical 5-paragraph structure type (the intro, the body and the conclusion.) However, in case with the university level essay, the writers of the online custom research, writing and editing service claim there’s no particular number of points the project must include. Besides, the essay of a college type may include as many paragraphs as you wish. Make sure to pick the sample structure that perfectly serves your ideas, as well as your argument.

Paragraphs Writing Guidelines: A Smooth Transition to the University Writing

The online high school paper writers will tell you to provide the paragraphs that are as short or as long as required to meet the 5-paragraph instructions together with the page limit. At the same time, the best university essay paragraphs are typically somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of the page and usually varying in length. While in the school essays samples you can start every paragraph with the topic sentence that reflects the thesis statement. In the examples of the university level essays, paragraphs should be more coherent in case they start with the topic sentence that summarizes the key point of the paragraph. Generally, high school essay writer usually ends the paragraph with a conclusive section that echoes the topic sentence point. According to the fast, short and easy tips, it’s good to end the university essay whenever you feel you’ve given enough analysis and evidence in order to support your topic sentence. On the other hand, a qualified school essay writing helper with proficient skills would recommend to end the paragraphs with the so-called transitional sentence. This way the sentence will anticipate the following paragraph. When writing a university application, narrative or any other essay, providing a transition will help you to guide your readers, as well as help them to follow your idea.  However, the paragraphs will appear more coherent in case you put the transition at the beginning of the next paragraph.

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