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Who our writers are

On our team, we only have people with advanced writing skills and expert knowledge of academic subjects. They are in-house specialists as well as freelancers from all over the world. We regularly evaluate and provide our writers with educational opportunities to further improve their work.

How we hire writers

Every writer passes several tests before we accept them on our team.

  1. We test the English writing skills of the candidates.
  2. We evaluate their knowledge of the subjects they specialize in.
  3. We check the writer’s compliance with APA, MLA, and other paper formats common in American educational institutions.

How we evaluate them

Our quality control team regularly checks the progress of our writers and the student’s satisfaction with our service. You can help us do it when approving your order. Did your writer show the required level of competence in this paper? Leave us your feedback and comments.

You get the best ones

We check the instructions to your paper and choose the writer who specializes in your field of study. At your request, we can assign you a writer for whom English is a native language.