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Is it Easy to Make Money Writing College Essays: The Writer’s Perspective

writing college essaysAre you about to have a surgery? Your doctor may not have written his/her research papers and college essays. Ditto for your nurse, your pharmacist and your dentist. Cheating has successfully got up to the next level since the days when college students wrote the correct answers on the palms. Dozens of professional custom writing experts are now standing behind the success of graduates. They write high school essays for money, as well as term papers, final exams, book reports and even dissertations. A lot of writers deal with highly specialized topics, such as national security and maritime defense. And as a rule, the customers of the companies specialized in custom assignment writing never get caught.

Moral Implications in the Industry

While online essay writing service means that college students don’t have to investigate tons of books, the writers say that it doesn’t burden them as well. According to the paper writing experts, every single topic can be easily Googled. In other words, they don’t have to leave the house to do the job in the best possible way. In addition to Google, the writer makes sure to use scholarly journals for help, as well as various free book samples that are widely available on The irony is an integral part of the custom writing services. Many writers admit they provided academic help even for seminary students, who are actually supposed to be quite concerned about the moral implication.

Custom Writing Business Is Booming

Even though there was a great recession not long ago, nowadays the custom the industry of writing services is booming, experts say. For example, when it comes to the busy times, such as finals an midterms, the companies make tons of cash since the flow of students is getting heavier. Despite the vast tech world advances to prevent academic cheating and an increase in caution by college instructors, all the estimates as to how many college and university students buy custom written projects are still high. In accordance with the information provided by experts of the Center for Academic Integrity, over two-thirds of students have bought an academic paper sample from professional companies at least once in their lifetime.

Proud or Ashamed?

A lot of custom writers claim that a ghostwritten assignment is usually undetectable. The experts of the ABC News have bought such a project to the Hofstra University located in NY, where a group of tutors was asked to read the project together with two other assignments accomplished by the students of the University. All these three assignments looked like undergraduate projects and university tutors were ready to grade them. However, the panel of professors agreed that even though the ghostwritten project was a really good one, they knew their students, as well as their writing abilities, and would definitely recognize the paper that is out of the ordinary for that young boy or girl.

That is why many ghostwriters have become somewhat of a magical wand for thousands of needy students. They say they do not regret this job at all. They’re aware of the fact that cheating is not good, but at the same time they see nothing wrong in doing that to make a living. Some of the custom writers are stunned at times by the kind of requests they receive. A lot of emails are packed with terrible grammar and unintelligent spelling thus making the ghostwriters real lifesavers for desperate kids.

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