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Write Academic Essays for Money: The Moral Perspective

academic essays for moneyWriters from online custom writing companies have been going through this for too long already. They’ve been called swindlers eating humble pie till the moment they found out things weren’t that bad. So, what’s the point of the issue? Is it still morally wrong to buy college papers from online academic writing services?

The Ghostwriting In the Academic World

When the question is about the college essay writing service, the first thing to consider is what you are actually purchasing. Basically, you receive the text content produced exclusively in accordance with your instructions, i.e. custom written assignment, by an expert writer. It implies that the paper author resigns his personal intellectual property to the term paper, essay or any other project being written and transfers all rights to the student in exchange for cash. For this very reason the custom essays writers are known as the ghostwriters – they write essays for money US and Canada being the main service importers, and income for the help provided.

So, how do people treat the ghostwriters in different industries?

Journalism & Blogging

When it comes to blogging and journalism, there’s nothing wrong in pushing your career forward through the other individual’s words. Moreover, a lot of celebs and CEOs can boast of having their own professional writers, who do their best to effectively work on various company accounts. Thus, what can define whether or not to consider ghostwriting morally OK? As for the academia universe, approaching someone with the essay writing request is seen as plagiarism. It means that a student hasn’t done the project research himself. Instead, he used someone else’s sample without any attribution. That’s when plagiarism infects your academic career. In a professional environment, the “plagiarism” actually boosts your reputation as an individual may portray such issue in terms of social notoriety.

Is the World of Academia More Doubtful about Plagiarism?

Experts believe the rules depend on the settings. Likewise, in case the real world virtue is about being able to survive and grow, approaching online essays writers for help fits this virtue, which is why it’s considered OK. And how about the virtue in the world of academia? is it all about being able to make top-notch assignments and have an independent point of view? The issue about the academic resistance to the challenges of the real life is just a matter of potential fracture in colleges. And there are no links to morality! In the least, colleges shouldn’t use morality as a barrier on their way to changes.

Are colleges offering an adequate tuition? If yes, why is the number of cheap and expensive custom writing services increasing day by day? The representatives of the custom writing industry see a range of issues with the essay cheating nowadays. First and foremost, there’s a visibly rising demand. The amount of college students approaching online writing services for assistance doubles annually. And the clients aren’t necessarily foreign students! For example, many English native speakers would like to have their projects done for them. While some college students are lazy or have no time for the assignments, the majority of online clients are just afraid their writing skills do not meet academic requirements. In other words, college student’s fear to fail pushes the whole writing industry upward. Second, the supply is noticeably rising as well. Every single day tons of professional writers sign up for custom writing web sites. And third, the stakes tend to rise as well. Every year the tuition costs are rising, thus, pushing students into the workforce industry from the first semester in college. And finally, it is important to mention that the biggest growing class of custom papers writers is college students, who search for the most suitable ways to pay for the tuition.

A Gleam of Hope for the Industry

Competition is the negative part of the custom writing business. The market keeps on rising, while the competitors make sure to apply all possible unfair techniques to destroy their peers. As the time is passing by and the writers are getting more proficient, they ensure to come up with better rates which usually takes its toll in on the profitability. Taking that into consideration, online custom paper writers hope to change the basic rules of the game. A lot of companies have developed their own recipe for this. They make sure to switch from professional writing to proofreading, editing or even teaching. A lot of writing services are being transformed into the advisory ones. Well, who knows maybe this change will not only improve students’ skills, but also eliminate the whole concept of moral perspective in the industry?

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