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Sample of courswork on management

Management science is a major aspect that has vastly contributed to the expansion of different networking of organizations. This has enabled these organizations developing their own personal networking and websites. This vastly effectively promotes organization the functions of every department within the organization.

Basing our reference from the given scenario we indeed realize that most organizations use advanced technology to improve the kinds of services it offers to its customers. This would in turn reflect a positive outcome since new customers would be attracted to the business increase its profit maximization. From the case scenarios given it is clear that business owners want to make their business modern by using up to date systems of information. An updated MIS system helps in managing, ordering, organizing as well as manipulating the information of a company. A business is enabled to optimize its business processes, tend to issues regarding the business, serve all stakeholders and make informed strategic decisions. A MIS is very important in business decision making due to the fact that most operations in the business work around the management decisions.

With reference from various distinct authors, we indeed realize that sound is an essential commodity and matter in the existence of humans. Through sound communication can indeed take place and without it indeed no information could actually take place. According to Jahangir (2005), a sound information system is very important for a business’s decision making process. A good System propels the making of good decisions while a bad system is more likely to result in bad decisions. In accordance with a report from the U.S in 2010, decisions made by the management are dependent on the information available. Adequate and timely information contribute to the making of sound decisions that will be helpful to the business. An up to date system helps is necessary especially when making strategic decisions. The MIS is a delicate and significant factor of a business that helps in operation of the business. Before choosing an MIS, compatibility with the method of business operations should be considered. There should also be careful consideration in choosing the individual who will be in control of this system in the organization. This is mainly because an automated system is complex and delicate in so many ways. A highly skilled professional should be chosen so that they handle the system in a cautious way. Redundancy in the organization is minimized because of the fast nature of the automated system.

On the contrary, the success of a business entity succeeds due to increased level of technology that every business entity. For instance, the business has to develop its own automated services to make an easier compatibility. For a business to want to upgrade its system forma paper system to an automated system, it means that there is gap that needs to be filled in the business. An automated system is guaranteed to fill in the need created in the business. The paper system is always time consuming and financially burdening and this reduces its effectiveness in handling business operations. The value of the business is increased once the automated system is used because it improves the way things get done in the organization. Things getting done in the organization get done efficiently.

A good MIS changes a business’s dynamics and it gets run quite differently from the way a business with no proper MIS is operated. One of the most important advantages of an automated compared to manual is decentralization. Decentralization enables monitoring of all the business’s operations. All activities of certain departments are coordinated so there are no wastes in terms of resources. Issues and problems are easily monitored and corrected when everything is under n automated control. Information overload is avoided at all times hence prevention of problems.

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