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Write High School Essays for Money: How to Hide the Traces of Ghostwriting

high school essays for moneyIf you haven’t been to school for many years, you definitely have not the slightest idea of what high school and college students are into nowadays. However, there’s one thing that remains the same (just like decades before). Cheating! Cheating in educational institutions is as popular as it’s been in the times of dinosaurs.

According to the so-called Cheating Fact Sheet provided by the Stanford University, nowadays from 75% to 98% students aren’t afraid to admit they have cheated in the past. In case you do have some illusions about that, it’s not only about the dumb students! In accordance with the information offered by The Harvard Crimson, 42% of this year’s freshmen admitted an academic crime – they’ve cheated on the high school home assignment before diving into the prestigious world of the Ivy League.

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Who knows, maybe cheaters are successfully overcome by various linguistic deficiencies. Maybe they just got used to the essay writing using the backdoor to cope with stuff. Or, maybe, as revealed by one of the most recent researches, some students actually feel a sort of personal gratification once they game the whole system. Anyway, whatever the reason, a lot of college and university students will make sure to cheat anytime anywhere. Some of them will approach online custom writing companies, where the best papers writers will write essay for money. And when they do so, the college writing instructor will have to read the essay, term or research paper sample accomplished by an individual, who has never been in his class.

However, the reality is that just having a professional custom writing service to buy an essay or two for cash from is not enough. While the majority of the professors won’t guess they are reading the paper written by the ghost writer, some of them are perfectly aware of cheap and expensive services rendered online and know how to detect an assignment accomplished with custom writing help. Consider a few simple tips on how to hide the traces of the ghostwriting services in the college works. Hide a needle in a haystack!

Source Use

The way students use sources differs from the way the ghostwriters do. The point is, custom writing experts aren’t usually provided with a direct access to the databases students are free to make use of. Same rule applies to the books. Full stories aren’t available, but only small abstracts. The latter are usually used by professional writing experts to draw quotes from. In a nutshell, make sure the whole range of quotes in your essay isn’t taken from the text parts available on Google or Amazon. Your tutor won’t believe it’s a coincidence.

Mind Your Writing Style

When you approach online writing service for help, you usually trust those writers, who have immense experience within the industry. A productive ghostwriter has dozens of accomplished papers on a never-ending variety of topics. So, any time this or that topic pops up, the writer will simply stitch together the bits from more or less related previously written essays. And voila! The Frankenstein’s monster is ready for submission! With that in mind, ensure to check the writing style of the paper. If it reads like a bunch of randomly found parts linked together in a weak response to the assignment, your tutor will detect that as well 100%.

Ultimately, the only way to hide the traces of ghostwriting in your works is to get some sense of the basic custom writing rules, as well as provide the ghostwriting companies with all important requirements. The truth is, your instructions must be sufficiently detailed so that your writing assistant could precisely imitate your personal writing style using appropriate sources.

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