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Sample Essay “Family Health Insurance Plans: Are They Worth It?”

family health insurance plans
Why are family health insurance plans important? To begin with, a detailed health plan makes sure that in case of a medical emergency, health care benefits become readily available to sufferers without any additional costs. An essay on the topic can help a student know more about the best plans available, what plans to steer clear of, as well as what to do in case of a medical emergency.

A family health insurance plan is an excellent way of protecting your health, as well as the health of your kids. In case an urgent treatment or surgery is required, the insurance company will deal with the costs. Appointments will be made on time, and sufferers won’t have to wait in line for hospitalization and care.

There are different types of health insurance plans available for families. Some only cover treatments during hospitalization, whereas others also provide outpatient assistance. Medical insurance policies that are private compel families to pay an extra amount of cash per month, also known as a “monthly premium”. It covers all expenses and any treatment that might be required is included in the plan. Another type of the health insurance for families is the “health cash plan”. This is helpful for families in need of routine tests, and it covers general costs when seeing a medical practitioner or dentist.

Policies for families are not necessarily expensive, and even people with low incomes can afford an insurance plan. Subsidized options are particularly targeted at individuals and families with a low income. In the past, a lot of Americans chose to steer clear of health insurance plans. But with the implementation of the ACA (affordable care act), people can now receive fines if they don’t qualify for healthcare insurance. Rather than pay the fine, many have turned their attention to affordable health care options.

The statistic shows that increasingly more Americans have health insurances, especially families with kids. Many can’t afford to get fined, whereas others acknowledge the importance of making sure the kids stay healthy. A household with an average income between $11,000 and $46,000 can opt for a subsidized health insurance. They receive a bronze-level insurance plan that only costs $2,570 per year. There’s another plan available for individuals with even lower incomes, better known as Medicare.

Families looking to get insured have to assess their personal details prior to deciding on a plan. Health status and age of all members, as well as number of members in the family are matters that must be included when completing the form. Also, make sure you understand the needs of every member, as this will help you decide on the most convenient type of insurance for your requirements.

The benefits of a family health insurance plan are numerous. Given that families pay a monthly fee for a health package, in case of an emergency they won’t be compelled to handle the total costs of a treatment or surgery. Furthermore, the right plan comes with many additional perks, such as discounts for annual tests and even free check-ups.


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